In ultimul an, eu personal nu am avut f multe cuvinte de lauda la adresa liderilor europeni.
Sincer, mi-a placut fff mult de nemti si cum au actionat vineri noapte. Am vazut strategie, planificare, comunicare cu populatia si tinutul in frau al panicii intr-un mod foarte decent.

Acum am dat peste articolul asta

"The German military is training more than 100 Syrian migrants for civilian roles suited to helping the eventual reconstruction of their country, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in remarks released ahead of publication on Sunday.
Von der Leyen told the Frankfurter Allgemeine daily that the pilot program was focused on training migrants in a variety of areas such as technology, medicine and logistics.

It was not immediately clear if von der Leyen planned to expand the program to include more of the one million migrants who arrived in Germany last year.

“The idea is that they will go back to Syria one day and help with the reconstruction” of their war-shattered country, von der Leyen told the newspaper.
She said Germany could also play a role in training Syrian security forces once it had a responsible government.
Syrian refugees can carry out civilian tasks for the German military, but are not eligible to work as soldiers, she said."

Este o decizie politica si strategica extrem de inteligenta din punctul meu de vedere: pe de o parte le dai oamenilor undita, pe de alta parte, din punct de vedere social ii ajuti sa se integreze, le dai un scop si le oferi si altor refugiati raza aia de speranta: “se poate sa ma integrez, nu sunt uitat intr-un adapost pe o perioada nedeterminata”.


"Even if Merkel’s biggest advantage is the gnawing unease in her population over recent events, that ur-Teutonic emotion Germans call Angst, it’s also her Achilles heel. The explosion of violence in Germany over the past few days offered a stark reminder of how volatile the environment has become. The Munich attack on Friday was followed by the murder of a woman near Stuttgart by a machete-wielding Syrian refugee. A suspected suicide bombing outside a festival in the small city of Ansbach late Sunday that left the bomber dead and 12 injured, capped off what go down as the country’s bloodiest weekend in recent memory.

Though the attacks weren’t linked, they have further unsettled an already jittery public. That the Ansbach bomber was a Syrian refugee whose asylum application had been rejected will do little to convince Germans that refugees don’t pose a serious security risk. Merkel’s response in the coming days and weeks could determine whether Germans continue to trust her."

Oricum, personal mi se pare misto ca publicul are rabdare si ca ofera credit si incredere…mai ales cand vad oaresce schimbari micute. In orice caz, vor fi vremuri tare greu de gestionat mai ales ca vin alegerile si in Germania.


“Georgieva said that currently about 30 percent of Commission senior managers and 33 percent of middle managers are women. She said that many Commission departments, including for communication, home affairs, justice, research and innovation, had hit the 40 percent target. However, the Commission is far behind its targets in several powerful departments, including competition, environment, single market and the EU’s anti-fraud office.”

Nu ar trebuie sa ne ghidam totusi dupa meritocratie si nu dupa target “de gen”?! :astonished:


"The size of the rally in Cologne shows that support for the Turkish leader remains strong, even though criticism of Erdoğan dominates Germany’s mainstream media.
Ahead of Sunday’s protest, German politicians sounded their concerns about Turkey’s divisive politics coming north. In a newspaper article, Deputy Finance Minister Jens Spahn advised “those whose hearts beat for Erdoğan and who think that he should make Turkey great and proud again” to express their support “in Turkey — not in Cologne.”

“Spahn isn’t the only one to fear Turkish problems being exported to Western Europe. In neighboring Austria, residents of the town of Wiener Neustadt were told not to display Turkish flags in windows and on balconies for fear of inciting violence.
The most high profile ethnic Turkish politician in Germany, Cem Özdemir, is leading the charge against Erdoğan. The chairman of the German Green Party told Bild am Sonntag that Erdoğan “must not exert any influence in Berlin, Stuttgart, or Munich,” and called on Germany to impose economic sanctions against Turkey.
Özdemir was one of the driving forces behind a successful vote in the German parliament earlier this year, which declared that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I was genocide — a move that sparked anger in Ankara.”

Mi se pare un picut primejdios sa iasa in strada 40 de mii de oameni pentru sustinerea unor probleme politice din alta tara. Asta in timp ce ieri, in acelasi timp cu turcii, pe strazi iesisera si niste sustinatori extrema-dreapta…si ei la mitingul lor…


"Yet it need not have ended this way. If their neighbors had pitched in, Sweden could have afforded the price of its remarkable generosity. At the Davos forum in January, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, said bluntly, “We are a continent of 500 million people; we could easily handle this task if we cooperated, if we met this as a union and not as individual member states.” But Europe did not cooperate. Already the Schengen rules lie in tatters. The refugee crisis threatens European foundations as even the recent euro crisis did not. “If we cannot handle this as a European union,” Lofven went on to predict, “the European Union in itself is at risk.”

Something even greater is at risk. The Europe that rose from the cataclysm of World War II understood itself not simply as a collection of peoples, white and Christian, but as a community of shared values. The refugee crisis has forced Europeans to choose between the moral universalism they profess and the ancient identities they have inherited. Eastern Europe has already reasserted its status as a white, Christian homeland — just as many people in the Middle East have reclaimed the sectarian identities they had seemed prepared to discard."

Foarte bun articolul.


Aoleu, pai acum nu mai urlam ca rasisti, nazisti, fascisti etc, asa cum am procedat cand ungurii au pus-o de un gard?!
Ohh stai, ca parca in practica utopia cu Europa la liber pentru toti nu prea merge.


and here we go… :dizzy_face:


Ei bravos :smiley: asa DA :smiley:
Ar fi fost absurd sa pateasca ceva, dar cum in ultima vreme nu ne mai mira mare lucru, asta e o veste chiar misto.

“Jan Boehmermann, the German comedian who read out a rude poem about Sultan Erdogan on German TV, has had the prosecution against him dropped. In the last couple of hours prosecutors in Mainz said that they did not have ‘sufficient evidence’ against him.”


:joy: clar



Cel mai sfasietor mi se pare ca toti devenim obisnuiti cu ororile astea. Iar reactiile de dupa (flori, JE SUIS, "nu ne lasam invinsi, vom continua sa fim happy happy joy joy) care nu mai lasa oamenii sa isi exteriorizeze durerea si disperarea nu cred ca aduc vreun beneficiu.



Officials say the rotation of troops and added equipment will enhance deterrence capabilities in the region and add to the US ability to respond to potential crises

Deci asta e mai nou “deterrence politics”?!

Nu am mai avut timp sa urmaresc toate stirile. Are cineva idee daca faza asta e chiar justificata? Pentru ca mi se pare ca se tot forteaza zazania. Tot o fortam, o fortam…si woaaaa…ce sa vezi…americanul va avea un pic de treaba in timp ce Europa va intra din nou in rahat!
Extrem de inteligenta politica externa a lui Obama! Dar sa mai facem niste poze pe instagram si sa ne mai pisam ochii un pic.


Vine valul, vine valul…


Sunt extrem de curioasa ce iese la ei.


Si eu! Si la astia e pericol mare de tot cu dementul ala de Geert Wilders.

Mai aruncam un ochi si aici:

Aparent e record cu prezenta la vot.


Slava cerului ca se mai pune frana un picut la nebuneala


Olandezii raman baieti buni, descuiati la minte si relaxati :herb:


Si asta, dar pe de alta parte financiar nici nu stau prost si nu au fost arsi la buzunar prea mult in ultimii ani. Si nici social nu si-au creat prea multe probleme. Asa ca nah…populatia a aratat ca nu simte nevoia de o schimbarea nebuneasca numai ca sa aiba o mica speranta.

Stai sa vedem in Franta :wink:


Da, frantuzii sunt tot timpul, cu motiv sau nu, pusi pe revolutie :rolling_eyes:


Incepe distractia :smiley: Tare sunt curioasa ce o sa negocieze astia :smile: